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Dungeons of Daggorath

Version 0.5.1 for Linux

July 2012

I was recently laying in bed wanting to play some DoD and discovered it's segfaulting when I try to run it. Firing up gdb revealed an odd problem when calling glClearColor before initializing OSLink. I put in a quick and dirty fix to get around this and after runing through about half the game, all is playing well.

aab38375db6928d872153a0c3654a415 dod0.5.1.linux.tar.gz

Version 0.5.0 for Linux

January 2007

I ported Sputnik's patch for version 0.5 under Windows to Linux. Below is the resulting patch and fully patched source. The patch was generated from the linux port of Dungeons of Daggorath Version 0.4.

MD5: 88bebf09a26a8e1ce5b90498f650820f dod0.5.0.linux.tar.gz

MD5: 8a87bc319b9a74ec2d2348a6f294394f dod0.5.sputnik-linux.patch

Original PC port site: http://mspencer.net/daggorath/dodpcp.html
Sputnik's site: http://members.aol.com/sputnik5/dodfiles/DoD.htm

Dungeons of Daggorath Icons

Original Cover:
DoD-Cover-Icon-120.jpg DoD-Cover-Icon-64.jpg DoD-Cover-Icon-32.jpg DoD-Cover-Icon-16.jpg DoD-Cover-Icon-8.jpg

Wizard (Transparent Background):
DoD-Wizard-Icon-239.png DoD-Wizard-Icon-128.png DoD-Wizard-Icon-64.png DoD-Wizard-Icon-32.png DoD-Wizard-Icon-16.png DoD-Wizard-Icon-8.png

July 2012

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